What makes Elijah the person he is today? 

Here are a couple clues:
    •    He grew up in the music and film business with a weirdo Dad and chef/artist Mom
    •    He lived in Soho in the 80s, but then moved to the woods when he was a kid.
    •    Moved back to NYU for art/film school the day he turned 18 (art instead of music because super useful *eyeroll*)
    •    PA'd for a bit on several indie films
    •    Worked at Criterion Collection doing film and audio restoration on Gimme Shelter, Beastie Boys Anthology, The Rock! 
    •    He’s the loving father of two weirdos in Brooklyn


Elijah has been working with music and audio for brands for eighteen years, the last ten as an award-winning Creative Director at MassiveMusic New York. 


Elijah recently finished his first novel and is in development for directing and producing two documentary series while working full-time


CONTACT: elijahbtorn@gmail.com



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